Tuesday, January 13, 2009

A Bunch of Reports on Health Information Technology, Privacy, Security, etc.

Recently, there have been several noteworthy reports on the state of the world, and opportunities for information technologies in the biomedical realm. The National Research Council sponsored report, chaired by Bill Stead, is probably the most comprehensive and should serve as a nice roadmap for the next couple of years (and then some):

W. Stead and H. Lin, eds. Computational Technology for Effective Health Care: Immediate Steps and Strategic Directions. National Research Council. Jan 9, 2009.

Also, the recent report compiled by Booz Allen Hamilton provides a clear summary of various issues, including privacy and security, that need to be addressed in the emerging health information economy:

S. Penfield, K. Anderson, M. Edmund, and M. Belanger. Toward Health Information Liquidity: Realization of Better, More Efficient Care from the Free Flow of Health Information. Booz Allen Hamilton. January 2009.

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